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Good nutrition is the key to optimum health. However, the media is full of confusing messages and few personal trainers and GPs have specific nutrition training and qualifications. Therefore it’s vital to get guidance from someone such as myself who has a passion for, and detailed knowledge of, nutrition. 

Holding an MA in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge and an MSc in Nutrition from King's College London, I am an accredited nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition (licence number 11722) and run my own business. This has seen me work with spas (Finn Jordan), sports teams (UCLA), private members clubs (Soho House, Home House London), meal delivery services (California Chef, Ben and Danny’s, Sakara, Mindful Chef), supplement companies (Protein World, PhD Nutrition, MissFits), websites (Keep Fit Kingdom), magazines (Top Sante, Health & Wellbeing, thrive), training providers (Future Fit) and gyms (Farnham Leisure Centre, Brighton Trainers, Boxercise Boxcamp)  in both the UK and USA. Consequently, I am in an excellent position to assist you in achieving your nutrition goals.

I strongly believe in developing diets and eating habits that are sustainable, as well as a balanced attitude towards food that is free from excessive supplementation and restriction (unless, of course, you have allergies or intolerances)! As a trained teacher, I also believe in equipping others with the tools they need to maximise their potential.

Therefore, I dedicate a considerable amount of time to providing guidance and support alongside the nutrition plans and consultations I provide. Not only does this ensure you get the most out of a qualified nutritionist's knowledge and expertise, it also means you can learn from this advice and use it to inform your diet choices in the long-term. 

I hope you enjoy my site and really look forward to working with you!

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Lizzy Cole


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bespoke meal plan

Whatever your nutrition goals, I provide an individual meal plan that is tailored specifically to you. This will ensure you have a healthy diet, as well as something that works for your lifestyle and food preferences, making achieving your aims all that more possible. Includes:

  • Evaluation of your diet questionnaire (supplied on booking)

  • Tailored nutrition plan

  • Guidance notes

Premium packages now available. Includes:

  • Detailed education and support

  • Accountability emails and phone calls

  • Recipe and product suggestions


DIetary consultations

If you are seeking comprehensive dietary advice, I offer one-to-one appointments of one hour. These are flexible and entirely tailored to your needs. Includes:

  • Evaluation of your current concerns

  • Detailed recommendations

  • Can be conducted in person or remotely

  • Follow-up appointments (weekly or bi-weekly)

Premium packages now available. Includes:

  • Support, education and guidance materials

  • Accountability emails and phone calls

  • Macro and micronutrient analysis

  • Food diary analysis

Grocery store and cafe tours

Confused what to choose when grocery shopping and eating out? I provide store, cafe and restaurant tours to help with this. Topics covered include:

  • Reading nutrition labels and menus

  • Healthy cooking techniques

  • Planning for a healthy diet

Corporate services

Nutrition by Lizzy offers a range of corporate services, including food diary analysis, nutrition workshops and talks, and recipe and content creation.

The bespoke meal plan offers both a balanced and nutritious diet to improve personal needs and encourage healthy choices. It is tailored to suit individual preferences and is the perfect guide to follow and use during the week.
— Sarah, Client
Having a nutritionist has worked really well for me, and over a 12 week period I lost weight, lost no muscle mass at all, and dropped 5.3% body fat.
— Nick, Premium Package Client
The adjustments to my protein and carbohydrate intake has improved the nutritional value of my diet and I’ve seen a huge difference in my performance both in and outside of the gym.
— Louise, Client
Lizzy provided a detailed healthy eating guide on what to change and why and I’ve been following it since... I feel great and the sluggishness I was experiencing before I sought Lizzy’s help is all but gone.
— Tom, Client
My super star nutritionist...she allows me to provide a holistic service to my clients in the form of nutrition advice.
— Matt, Personal Trainer
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