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Good nutrition is the key to optimum health. However, the media is full of confusing messages and very few personal trainers have a nutrition qualification. Therefore it’s vital to get guidance from someone such as myself who has a passion for, and detailed knowledge of, nutrition. 

I hold an MA in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge and am currently completing my MSc in Nutrition at Kings College London. Alongside this, I run my own business and work part-time as a nutritionist at a popular gym. I'm therefore in an excellent position to assist you in achieving your nutrition goals.

I strongly believe in developing sustainable eating habits and a balanced attitude towards food that's free from strict rules and restrictions (unless, of course, you have allergies or intolerances)! As a trained teacher, I also believe in equipping others with the tools they need to maximise their potential.

Therefore, I dedicate a considerable amount of time to providing guidance and support alongside the meal plans and consultations I provide. Not only does this ensure that you get the most out of my knowledge and expertise, but it also means you can learn from this advice and use it to inform your dietary choices in the long-term. 


Lizzy provides great advice and detailed recommendations for improving diet and skin health. The bespoke meal plan offers both a balanced and nutritious diet to improve personal needs and encourage healthier choices. It is tailored to suit individual preferences and is the perfect guide to follow and use during the week.
— Sarah



bespoke meal plans 

Whatever your nutrition goals, whether it be weight loss, optimising sports performance, or a general diet overhaul, I can provide an individual meal plan that is tailored specifically to you. This will ensure you get a healthy, balanced diet, yet have a plan that works for you and your food preferences.


DIetary consultations

If you are seeking detailed advice on how to improve your diet, I offer one to one appointments of one hour. These are flexible and entirely tailored to your needs. An initial 15 minute telephone consultation is provided free of charge to discuss these needs. The dietary consultations themselves can be conducted face to face or over Skype.

It’s worked really well for me, and over a 12 week period I lost over a stone in fat, lost no muscle mass at all, and dropped 5.3% body fat.
— Nick
The changes in my diet as a result of consultations with Lizzy has improved my life for the better.
— Louise



Bespoke meal plan - £80

This includes an evaluation of your diet questionnaire (supplied on booking an appointment), and a tailored 7-day meal plan based on your food preferences and nutrition goals. My fee also reflects the support and guidance provided with the meal plan.


DIetary consultations - £50/hour

This includes an initial free 15 minute telephone consultation, detailed evaluation of your current dietary concerns, and recommendations regarding how to address these. Follow-up appointments are recommended every week, in order to review progress and further build on the changes you’re making. As habits can be slow to change and often there are challenges along the way, I usually advise clients return for 6-8 weeks. However, the number and frequency of consultations is entirely your choice.

We thoroughly analysed my diet and identified issues that I could fairly easily adjust. Lizzy provided a detailed guide on what to change and why and I’ve been following it since... I feel great and the sluggishness I was experiencing before I sought Lizzy’s help is all but gone.
— Tom


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