Fibre; not the sexiest nutrient but don’t stop reading yet, as it could be the ticket to a healthier you! Fibre is a type of indigestible carbohydrate that, not only helps us “stay regular” and promotes gut health, but also helps keep us fuller for longer and prevents spikes in blood sugar. In the long-term, it may even help prevent chronic diseases such as colon cancer and diabetes. Good sources include wholegrain cereals and nuts. It’s recommended that adults consume 30g of fibre per day but most of us only manage to get about half of this.


I’m allergic to nuts/gluten; how can I make sure I’m getting enough fibre?

Allergies and intolerances mean that achieving a healthy and balanced diet can be more difficult. However, part of the battle is being aware of which nutrients you might be lacking, and knowing the best substitutes. This is where a nutritionist’s knowledge comes in handy! For example, if you’re intolerant to nuts and/or gluten, ensure you’re getting enough fibre by increasing your intake of fibre-rich fruits and vegetables; avocado and dates, for example, are great sources; as well and beans and pulses. Remember, I currently offer individually tailored 7-day meal plans and dietary consultations, so if you are worried about your fibre intake, contact me at, and I’ll be very happy to help!