Vitamin C

Everyone likes a multi-tasker and vitamin C is one of the best out there; it’s a powerful antioxidant, helps us to absorb iron from plant-based sources, and is crucial in the synthesis of collagen. Vitamin C is therefore an important nutrient for maintaining energy levels, as well as in the fight against aging and disease. Contrary to what smoothie and juice companies would have us believe, it’s easy to reach our daily recommended intake; just 75-90mg is enough for most adults. This can be achieved through eating vitamin C-rich foods such as citrus fruits and berries, two of the main ingredients in the recipe below. However tasty this recipe is, don’t go overboard though, as too much vitamin C may cause stomach upset! 


Can vitamin C ward off a summer cold?

Whilst there is some evidence that it MAY help reduce the duration of a cold, vitamin C cannot prevent it. Using vitamin C for warding off colds is an old wives’ tale that is poorly supported by science. The best way to prevent a cold is by washing hands regularly and, of course, sticking to a healthy, balanced diet. Indeed, if you want help with ensuring your diet is healthy and balanced, I currently offer individually tailored 7-day meal plans and dietary consultations. To book either of these services, contact me at