Swisse Me

Hands up who struggles to find time to eat well?! As a busy working professional, student and gym freak, I’m on the go 24/7. Consequently, I’m always hunting out snacks that I can pop in my handbag, gym bag and backpack to keep my body well-nourished over the course of my day. Therefore, when I came across Swisse Me , I knew I had to try their products. 

Who are they?

Swisse Me launched in July 2019 as the sister brand of Swisse, a top-selling Australian vitamin and supplements company, with the mission to help customers achieve long-term health, wellbeing and happiness. Their results-driven formulas are backed by science; premium natural and active ingredients (including anti-inflammatory ginger, workout-boosting beetroot, and antioxidant-rich berries) when combined in their blends packs a nutritional punch whilst simultaneously tasting amazing.

Clearly, Swisse Me have our backs. They understand our lifestyles and consequently have carefully matched their blends to suit these. They’ve made it easy and convenient to eat well and meet our needs whatever time of day; from starting up at breakfast to replenishing our bodies in the evening.  

What can I choose from?

Swisse Me has a core offering of three ranges; Start MeBoost Me and Replenish Me. My personal favourite, the Start Me line , essentially consists of breakfast blends. Fruits, grains, seeds, cocoa and yoghurt provide a perfect combination of protein and slow-release carbohydrates to fuel our busy mornings. 

Meanwhile, Boost Me is a collection of blends containing ingredients which are known to help energy levels, including Maca, Beetroot and Spinach. Whether you’re looking to keep afternoon slumps at bay or rallying pre-workout, this is the range for you. 

Last but by no means least, Replenish Me is a blend containing Spirulina, Almond, Pear, Apple, Banana and Lemon to reinvigorate the body; for example, post-workout or simply post-work. Don’t know where to start? I highly recommend their Try Me Bundle; this is a fantastic way to give everything a go and find your favourites.

Why are they special?

Swisse Me stands apart from other brands; their products taste fantastic, are great fuel for our bodies, tailored to our needs and definitely win the award for convenience. They’re also genuinely conscious about their impact on the environment. For example, as part of their mission to minimise waste in all areas of product sourcing, manufacturing and packaging, Swisse Me have partnered with TerraCycle to allow customers to recycle their pouches. My ethos is centred around sustainability so any company that encourages this from both an environmental and nutritional perspective gets my vote. 

If, like me, you struggle to find time to nourish your body, Swisse Me is a godsend. Get your needs met whatever time of day in the most delicious way by shopping at They ship both within the UK and internationally and, even better, when you enter the code NEW10 at checkout, you’ll receive 10% off your order. Happy shopping, team!