Winter Wellness

As the days shorten and temperatures drop, it’s not uncommon for our patience and mood to follow suit. Whilst it may be gloomy outside, your outlook doesn’t have to be. Read on for my top tips for how to stay feeling fabulous over the Winter period. 


Eat to be upbeat


The fight to combat cravings for fatty, sugary comfort food is real. However, they can cause chaos for blood sugar and consequently our mood. Resist temptation by swapping these foods for healthy pick-me-up alternatives. For example, porridge is packed with fibre, which not only helps stabilize blood sugar, but it also helps keep you feeling fuller for longer. Add a sprinkle of chia and flaxseeds, both of which are a great source of mood-boosting omega-3 fatty acids and protein.  


Be D-lightful


Getting enough sunlight is essential for suppressing the sleep hormone melatonin and raising levels of the feel-good hormone serotonin. Top up by going on a walk during your lunch break, or even consider investing in a light box which can help combat fatigue. 


The sun’s UV rays are also a key factor in enabling our bodies to produce vitamin D. Essential to regulating mood, vitamin D; also known as the sunshine vitamin; is in short supply over the Winter months because the sun’s rays aren’t strong enough to power its production. Don’t let that get you down; a 10 microgram supplement gives your body the extra boost it needs.


Workout your fitness


Whilst it may be less tempting to get to the gym or go for a run, exercise can do wonders for our mood and energy levels. Yep; we have serotonin to thank again! To muster some motivation, plan an exercise schedule at the start of the week, varying the type of activity you do (spin, yoga, HIIT, weights…the options are endless!), and set yourself a small reward for when you stick to it; think a new gym bag, or luxury mani-pedi. 


It’s a wrap


The cold weather puts extra energy demands on our body to stay within a preferable temperature. Stop sluggishness in its tracks by wrapping up warm; we’re talking coat, scarf, gloves and hats. Hello new winter wardrobe! Speaking of which, treating yourself to small things (as above) and taking time to savor the best bits about Winter can very uplifting. What could be better than sipping a cup of hot chocolate in front of the fire, whilst listening to Christmas songs and wrapping gifts for your friends and family?!


Get your group on


You may feel like hibernating under the covers, but socialising is one of the best ways to boost mood. Whether it’s a catch up over a protein shake post spin or a night on the town, get your group together for regular meet ups this festive period; you’ll be feeling (and looking) fantastic in no time!


Staying sunny when the weather is the opposite can be a challenge. However, it can help us avoid everything from feeling groggy to gaining weight. Try the above ideas for the most wonderful time of the year!