Bespoke meal plan - £120/$150

This includes an evaluation of your diet questionnaire (supplied on booking an appointment), and a tailored 7-day nutrition plan based on your food preferences, lifestyle and nutrition goals. My fee also reflects substantial support and guidance provided alongside the meal plan; before, during and after implementation.



DIetary consultations - £60/$75 PER hour

This includes a detailed evaluation of your current concerns, and recommendations regarding how to address these. For example, a full nutrient analysis or an elimination diet may be suggested for those suffering from digestive issues. Follow-up appointments are recommended every week, in order to review progress and further build on the changes you’re making. As habits can be slow to change and often there are challenges along the way, I usually advise clients return for 6-8 weeks. However, the quantity and frequency of consultations is entirely your choice.


Corporate - POA

The bespoke meal plan offers both a balanced and nutritious diet to improve personal needs and encourage healthy choices. It is tailored to suit individual preferences and is the perfect guide to follow and use during the week.
— Sarah
Lizzy provided a detailed healthy eating guide on what to change and why and I’ve been following it since... I feel great and the sluggishness I was experiencing before I sought Lizzy’s help is all but gone.
— Tom